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  • Klopotnica was the smallest of the four villages and is now part of Pielgrzymka. All five names from the early cadastral records are well represented in Ellis Island records (look at all four villages): Danilo, Dragan, Kichera, Klimacz, and Szmarz.

    Emigrant Date Village Destination
    Balun, Petro 1903 Klopotnica Mayfield PA
    Balun, Wasil 1901 Klopotwicze Mayfield PA
    Batien, Piotr 1909 Ktopotnica Mayfield PA
    Chowamec, Pawet 1909 Ktopotnica Mayfield Pa
    Damylo, Pavel 1904 .lopotmia Mayfield PA
    Danielak, Wasyl 1913 Klopesic Priceburg PA
    Danilak, Wasyl 1913 Klopesic Priceburg PA
    Danilo, Anna 1897 Klopotinca Olyphant PA
    Danilo, Elias 1897 Klopotinca Olyphant PA
    Danilo, Petro 1901 Klopotuica Mayfield PA
    Danilo, Rozalia 1897 Klopotinca Olyphant PA
    Danilo, Stefan 1904 Klopotnica Wrong manifest
    Danylo Andrez 1903 Klopstnica New York NY
    Danylo Andrzej 1911 Kopotnica New York NY
    Danylo, Anna 1907 Kopyluica Newark NJ
    Danylo, Jwan 1910 Klopitnycia Carnegie PA
    Dobowczak, Nasta 1899 Klopotince Mayfield PA
    Dragan, Andrej 1913 Kopotnica Bridgeville PA
    Dragan, Maria 1909 Klopotuica Yonkers NY*
    Dragan, Maria 1909 Klopotmica Wrong manifest
    Dragan, Pero 1910 Klopotnira Wrong manifest
    Dragan, Petro 1903 Klopotnuc Bakefeld PA
    Dragan, Stefan 1911 Kopotnica Edri, PA
    Guzej, Petro 1909 Kopytnica Mayfield PA
    Guzy, Andras 1904 Klopotnica Mayfield PA
    Guzy, Anna 1909 Klopotuica Yonkers NY*
    Guzy, Anna 1909 Klopotuica Wrong manifest
    Guzy, Michael 1903 Klopotnica Yonkers NY
    Guzy, Pietro 1903 Klopotnica Yonkers NY
    Gwie, Petro 1892 Klopotnice Wrong manifest
    Hawrylak, Jan 1913 Klopczice Priceburg PA
    Klimacz, Ewa 1902 Klopotwica Newton MA
    Klimacz, Petro 1911 Klopolnica Mayfield PA
    Klimasz, Andras 1903 Klopatinca Mayfield PA
    Klimasz, Siman 1902 Kiopotnica Yonkers Ny
    Klimasz, Wasyl 1903 Klopotnica Mayfield PA
    Klimasz,Andrzej 1906 Ochotnica Yonkers NY
    Klimasz,Wasyl 1907 Klopotnice Boston MA
    Klimesz, Stefan 1911 Kopotnica Mayfield PA
    Olanicz, Wasyl 1905 Klopksicca Mayfield PA
    Olenicz,Piotr 1901 Klopotnica Yonkers NY
    Olenioz, Wasyl 1906 Klopotnica Yonkers NY
    Pawlak, Iwan 1903 Klopotinca Batermil, PA
    Pawlak, Petro 1910 Klopotnica Mayfield PA (8)
    Pawlok, Andrej 1900 Klopotnicz New York NY
    Serniak, Justyna 1909 Kopytnica Mayfield PA
    Serniak, Nasta 1909 Klopotmica Yonkers NY*
    Sowyrda, Rozia 1909 Klopotuica Boston MA
    Telep, Anna 1906 Klopoluica Salem MA
    Telep, Osyf 1901 Klopotinez No image
    Telep,Wasyl 1906 Klopotincs Mayfield PA
    Tomaczerski, Marya 1901 Klopatnica New York NY
    Tomaczewski, Pasvel 1910 Klopotnica Carnegie PA
    Tomaszewski, Mikolaj 1903 Klopstnica New York NY
    * Names crossed out--apparently did not make voyage


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