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  • Where did you find this material? The old axiom, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts," seems to apply to our website. This site contains the basic research of three people who have not all yet met in person. Our shared historical interests but slightly different fields of emphasis came together to form a base of information upon which other Peregrymka descendants can build. We all share a deep sense of gratitude to those who have helped us and are grateful for the opportunity to pass our learning on to others.

    How can I add to the site? Materials which would enrich the site and help others in their search are most welcome. You can try to guess the most logical person to contact: Carol (carol@avillagecluster.com) has the basic responsibility for the site structure, i.e. if you have something wonderful to add and there isn't a logical place for it, it's my fault. I also have responsibility for the overall text which links the ten site sections, immigration records and Holy Resurrection data. Maryann (maryann@avillagecluster.com), a genealogical researcher, compiles and maintains miles of old country genealogical records, coordinates the St. Michael's church appeal and is an expert in determining family linkages of descendants. Andy (ajsmith@avillagecluster.com) is a Polish language student who has a strong interest in original documents and homeland research. He has the sole knowledge of the disappeared Huta Samokleska. Don't worry too much about sending your question to the right person. If you guess wrong, we will get your question to the person most able to answer it. In addition to the primary site writers, we also have volunteers specializing in specific research areas.

    How long will it take for my contribution to be added? Well, truth be told, with the major writing taking place in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the web-building in Washington State, the site hosted in Washington D.C. and our technical support in Virginia, it's a miracle we get anything up at all. Please be patient as we find the right spot and possibly edit for space and relevance. Amy, our web expert, will tell you in what form material has to be submitted.

    What do you still need? Our website is a work-in-progress. There are whole areas in which we have no background knowledge and would very much appreciate help. We will be adding topics which need to be researched as the site develops. We also invite you to register if you are seeking specific information or family.
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