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  • To date, donations for the restoration of St Michael the Archangel have been gratefully received from Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington DC and Washington State. Recent contributions of $600 were made during homeland visits to the church by village descendants from Tennessee and South Africa.

    Combined donations (now totaling $4,610) have been gratefully accepted by Father Roman Dubec who services the Peregrymka church. Donations made after January 2008 will be used for the Belfry Museum Project described elsewhere in this section.

    In order of receipt:

    Donor(s): In Memory Of:
    Carol Morrison The Wasyl Pelak Family/
    The Josaphat Szach Family
    Patricia Pelak/
    Ann Pelak
    The Peter Rozdilsky Family
    Mary Yurkosky Dubowchik Michael Dubowchik
    Lidia Marmisch Morano  
    Paulette Crockett Michael Telep/
    Melania Smarsh Telep
    Thomas Yurkosky Peter Yurkosky
    Eva Yurkowsky Halachik Paul Peter Yurkowsky and
    Wasyl Peter Yurkowsky
    Steve Rock Konstanty and Mikolaj Rak/
    Anastasia Pelak
    Jean Schonhoffer Humnecky Eva Olenich Servetnik
    Helen Klemash The Klemash Family
    Dannah E. Hughes The Yurkovsky Families
    Dr and Mrs. Eugene Dubowchik Michael Andrew Dubowchik
    John Krisa, Esq. The Kiehart and Terpak Families
    William Yurkowsky Andrew Yurkowsky/
    Anastasia Sarafin Yurkowsky
    Betty Yurkowsky Warren William Andrew Yurkowsky
    Andrew Smith Andrew Kiehart/Justine (Kityk) Kiehart
    Daria Dutko Outwater John Dutko/Justine Telep Dutko
    Steve Shuster  
    Paul Yurkosky Peter and Paul Yurkowsky
    Maryann Dubowcik Bacsik In honor of Mary Yurkowsky Dubowchik/
    In memory of John Andrew Dubowchik
    Laura,William and Amy Morrison Eva Shaw (Szach) Pelak
    Joe Zak Pelagia Kulick Guzy Zak
    Deacon Stefan Klimczak  
    USA Descendants of Stephan Danielak: Stephan Danielak
    Fred Debellis " " 
    Brent Benny " " 
    Irene Debellis " " 
    John and Kathy Danielak " " 
    Robert and Frances Glaston " " 
    Richard and Theresa Glaston " " 
    Christine Guzy " " 
    Pam Hirt " " 
    Caroline Majzer " " 
    Glenn and Marta Mojzer " " 
    Paul and Kate Pyle " " 
    Cynthia Runion " " 
    John and Lynn Runion " " 
    William Runion " " 
    Richard and Christina Schnierer " " 
    Bruce and Rebecca Woodford " " 
    James and Maryann Runion " " 
    Richard and Patricia Rinella " " 
    Dr. Alex Schlanta Methodius and Theodora Kelechawa
    Dr. Thomas Ridgik The Tarris Family
    Carol Dunlavy Peter Klimash
    Andrew J. Smith Andrzej Kichard (from Pielgrzymka)
    Catherine A. Ruscitto Julia Danilak Witouski
    Michael and Carol Kulick  
    Eva Halachik Joseph Hruby
    Mary Dubowchik Joseph Hruby
    Mary Dubowchik Stephen Dutko
    Timothy Connelly  
    Theodora Czarnecki Dutko and Pawlak families
    George Lattimore Wasyl Pelak
    Martha and Richard Collins Barbara Pelak Geddis
    William and Carol Morrison Barbara Pelak Geddis
    Anne Pelak and Patricia Pelak Barbara Pelak Geddis

    All restoration to St. Michael's will be recorded on this website so church supporters can view the project progress. Father Dubec, the church community and the avillagecluster.com staff are most grateful for your generous support.

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